The courses I teach periodically include:

Graduate level:

Seminar in Comparative Politics (GVPT 780)

Field Methods in Political Science: Experiments, Surveys, and Analysis (GVPT 884)

Analysis of African Politics (GVPT 888)


Undergraduate level:

International Development and Conflict Management (GVPT 354)

Politics of the Developing World (GVPT 282)

I-Series: Religions, Beliefs, and World Affairs (GVPT 289L)

African Politics (GVPT 484)

Honors Seminar in African Politics (GVPT 484H)

In addition to teaching, I serve as the Director of the Honors Program for the Department of Government & Politics, and the Director of the Department's Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program. Please email me with questions about either of these programs.